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Aimee Compton is the Senior HR Director at Sodexo, but she has another very important title — “Mom.”

When her daughter was born, Aimee was confronted with the fact that her circumstances had changed, and she needed to change with them.

In this episode, you’ll hear how parenthood empowered Aimee to set boundaries and get out of her own way. You’ll also learn how becoming more self-aware can make you more effective as a leader.

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1. Focus On Truly Adding Value Supporting Quote Aimee Compton: “It started with really taking inventory of my days and taking a hard look at where I was adding value to the organization versus just giving the appearance of adding value, like attending a meeting because someone thought I needed to be in the loop. And that was painful because I realized a lot of things were going to have to go for me to truly be efficient in a way that added value to the organization and at the same time helped people to see they weren't losing me as an employee. I realized I was going to need to recreate myself.”

2. Don’t Lose Yourself In Work Supporting Quote Aimee Compton: “I derived my value and my self-worth from my work. I took on long hours, the problems of others became my problems, and I prided myself on being able to come through in a pinch. I was wearing this armor because I thought it was required of me. I thought I needed to be this person that was stoic and could get everything done. I was rewarded for that. But somewhere along the way I lost my curiosity and it became more about being right and accurate, and that hustle brought this weighty pressure to perform and please and hurry and overwork. Those feelings are oppressive.”

3. Be Open To Necessary Change Supporting Quote Aimee Compton: “I had to let go of what I thought my life should look like. My life's conditions had changed, and I needed to change with them. When it came to boundaries, I would compare it to if you have a lot of plates spinning in the air. You have to figure out which ones are the glass ones and which ones are plastic. And the plastic ones, they're probably going to have to drop. That's the inventory I was able to take and then that's how I started to draw boundaries.”

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